As we all know, life does not always go according to plan. One day our lives will end. Some will be blessed with good health, a long life and a quick end that does not involve illness. Unfortunately, at least one of these three things will elude most us. To manage these unknowns, you need to have an estate plan in place. Estate plans are not only for the wealthy; they are for anyone who has loved ones, property or investments. Your estate plan should be tailored to your unique needs. It can be as simple as beneficiary statements and powers of attorney or as complicated as tax planned wills, trusts and more.

Even if we know we need to plan for the unexpected, it is not any fun to think about. As a result, having a Will and Powers of Attorney prepared is on the to-do list, but then never gets checked off. After all, it requires making an appointment with a lawyer, possibly taking off work, spending some money and finally thinking about all the unpleasant things that might happen to you.

Here is your opportunity to find out why estate planning should be a priority. Each of these myths tells real life stories about how having a plan saved the day, or how the lack of one brought hardship and grief.

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