Commit to Your Estate Plan Before Committing to a Trip

Putting your affairs in order with an estate plan will make for a smoother transition to the loved ones you leave behind.  This is especially important if you plan to travel. Before you hit the road or jet set away this summer, make sure you’ve got these essential documents in order.  The preferred ending to […]

Estate Planning for Millennials

If you consider yourself a Millennial then you are a part of the largest generation in history with over 80 million people. Many of you tend to “live in the moment” and are holding off on milestones such as marriage, children, and home ownership.  But what about planning for your future? Even if you don’t […]

Prince’s Estate Quandary: Not a Walk in Paisley Park

While the country still mourns the loss of music icon and pop superstar Prince, news reports continue to surface that there’s still no trace of his Will. While the search continues, the court has appointed Bremer Trust as special administrator during the proceeding. Tyka Nelson, his sister, came forward with the original petition for the appointment of a […]

Beware the April Fools’ Jokes

If you watched the news, checked your Facebook, or listened to the radio this morning you’ve probably been inundated with pranks, gags, and a slew of fake products in honor of April Fools’ Day. Today is the one day it’s acceptable to put a whoopee cushion under your coworker’s chair or fill the salt shaker […]

Does Your Will Address Property Ownership?

Thanks to the incredible weather, spring has come early this year and “For Sale” signs have begun lining neighborhood lawns. Purchasing a new home is an exciting and hectic time for couples which can often times lead to the failure of proper estate planning.  If tragedy were to strike, and you or your spouse passed […]